Six Months

by Allison @ Alli 'n Son on January 24, 2012

Dear Little Man,

Before my very eyes an entire half year has passed. Slipped by really. In a sleep deprived state, the last six months have passed in a blur.

You have now, just finally, figured out that sleep is good for you. Actually, it took us that long to figure it out too. After weeks of sleeping well, you suddenly went into a downward spiral of not sleeping. You were up every few hours. Hungry, but not really hungry. It was exhausting. For all of us. We didn’t realize that we were floating through life, slightly unfocused, until we all started getting sleep again.

It turns out that you are a baby who needs a consistent sleeping and napping schedule. We see that now. Morning naps were never your thing, until we started enforcing them. And then, suddenly, you started sleeping more. You were happier. You slept through the night {well, almost}. Life was easier. Full of smiles. More enjoyable. It took some time, some tears, and some tough love. It pained me, but in the end, it was the right thing to do, teaching you to soothe yourself. You are a happier baby for it.

Six Months

At six months you have the roundest cheeks that I have ever seen. They are rosy and amplify every emotion that crosses your face. And there are many. Joy. Laughter. Sadness. Anger. Oh man, can you get angry, mostly when you aren’t eating, right at this very moment. This temper, I think we are in for it when you hit the terrible twos, the horrible threes, and who knows what else. We are so in trouble.

Speaking of trouble, your handsome brown eyes, smile that lights up the room and the uncanny ability to win over any woman who crosses our path, well, we are so in trouble when you are a teenager. We just may have to keep you under lock and key until you are 18. Perhaps longer. Yes, 30 sounds about right.

Six Months

You have already proved to us that you have a strong will. You can roll over, both front to back and back to front. Yet, you choose not to. I’ve seen you do it. More than once. But you prefer to cry and kick your legs around until someone picks you up and holds you close. You want to be in someone’s arms at all times during the day. Seriously. At all times.

You are just beginning to sit on your own, reaching for toys within arms reach. Pulling forward just a little too much, until you’ve folded over and find yourself stuck. Or pushing back in a fit of excitement, only to find yourself falling backwards. But don’t worry, I’m there to catch you. Well, most of the time anyway.

At six months I’ve finally caved and given you baby food. Rice cereal mixed with breast milk to be exact. I didn’t want to do it. It broke my heart a little, knowing that I wouldn’t be the sole source of your nourishment. We’ve had a wonderful breastfeeding experience so far. It’s one of my favorite parts of our day. Just sitting together, snuggled up, skin to skin. The kiddo, your brother, sitting next to us, reading story after story after story. It’s one of the calmest and most perfect parts of our day.

Yet you were obviously ready. You devoured the first bowl. In fact, you were so eager to eat it, that you grabbed the spoon right out of Dad’s hand. Already you just want to do everything yourself.

Six months old, trying out his first food: rice cereal.

You are changing every moment of every day. Friends, family and complete strangers are finally noticing that you and your brother are not identical matches. Yes, of course you look similar with your deep brown eyes and your tanned skin. But I see more and more of me in you every day. It’s only fair, since your brother is the spitting image of your dad.

At six months you are working your way towards babbling. New sounds and noises are always emerging. You mimic our sounds, facial expressions and movements. No words yet, but everyone in the house is bound and determined that “momma” will be your first word. Me. Dad. The Kiddo. We all repeat “momma” to you over and over and over, hoping that it will sink in. I can’t even begin to tell you how my heart would explode if this is indeed your first word.

You are beginning to recognize your name, as your name. You turn toward my voice, with a big old smile on your face. Your eyes light up when your bother sings your name from across the room. You eagerly search out Dad when he calls your name. I love witnessing that, seeing you learn.

First Year Collage

I’m so not ready for you to grow up. The first year will be the hardest, so full of challenges. Full of living our lives around your needs. Full of giving up personal time. Full of sacrifices. But I don’t want it to end, because it’s too short lived. I love being needed by you. I love being the one you reach and grab for the moment I enter the room. I love being at the center of your world.

It’s just so magical.

So please, little man, please slow down just a little? So I can breath in the little baby that you are, and hold on to it for just a little longer?

Love, Momma

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