Thirty Days of Thanks

by Allison @ Alli 'n Son on December 3, 2012

{Taken from Facebook, each day in the month of November I shared something that I was thankful for, big or small.}

Day One: Uplifting laughter with friends.

Day Two: Days off of school, good school conferences and giant cardboard rocket ships.


Day Three: Road trips, friends and hours of conversation.

Day Four: All of the grandparents and grandparent-like people who always welcome the boys with open arms.

Day Five: Great friends.

Day Six: The opportunity to do my part to elect our next president.

Day Seven: New jeans that actually fit me.

Day Eight: The great staff (and friends) at mini care (my part time job).

Day Nine: Husbands/Dads who leave behind a hole when they are gone because they are such a vital part of our every day life.

Day Ten: {there are no words}


Day Eleven: Veterans.

Day Twelve: Any excuse to bake on a cold, snowy day.

Day Thirteen (part one): The staff at Target for cleaning up after the kiddo suddenly vomited all over the floor.

Day Thirteen (part two): Late night bathroom bonding, even if it’s caused by a stomach bug.


Day Fourteen: Lazy days of bonding with the boys.

Day Fifteen: Healthy (even when the are sick), growing, full of energy kids.

Day Sixteen: Safe travels to see family and celebrate love.

Day Seventeen: Love, new and old.


Day Eighteen: Home sweet home. Even if it’s ever so tiny.

Day Nineteen (part one): The promise of pumpkin cheesecake (three days and counting…)

Day Nineteen (part two): Siri and my new iPhone 5.

Day Twenty: Still being able to surprise hubs.


Day Twenty-One: Unexpected trips to the park and games of tag on a spring-like day.

Day Twenty-Two: Family and the holiday spirit. Oh, also pumpkin cheesecake.


Day Twenty-Three: Pizza and wine night.

Day Twenty-Four: Beer bread and banana bread on a chilly day.

Day Twenty-Five: Hubs for running out on this snowy morning to get us coffee.

Day Twenty-Six: Enjoyable days after a rough start.

Day Twenty-Seven: Just getting through the day.

Day Twenty-Eight: Creative inspiration, good customer service, energizing runs, and mother-in-laws.

Day Twenty-Nine: That the giant crack in my one week old phone was taken care of in a day. Apple has excellent customer service.


Day Thirty: I’m thankful for my boys, who teach me patience, remind me that they are always watching and learning, and for their infinite ability to forgive. Thankful for Hubs, for his support, for making my hopes of being at home with the boys come true, and that we see eye to eye on most issues. I’m thankful for our parents who taught us to be good parents by being good parents themselves. And I’m thankful for friends who remind me that there’s nothing wrong with being selfish sometimes.


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1 Kitchen Belleicious December 10, 2012 at 1:43 pm

love! Love it everytime you post your feelings and thoughts! Hope your having a wonderful christmas season

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