I’m the momma of a spunky, energetic, and often frustrating three year old boy and an adorable, bouncing, gurgling and drooling baby boy. I’m up to my arm pits in all things boys and loving every minute of it. Well, most of the time.

I’m also a wanna-be photographer, aspiring baker of all things chocolate and creative woman, all rolled into one. Of course my posts are sprinkled with my photos, especially food. I love food. In fact, I share at least two  recipes every week. My favorite day by far is Sweet Tooth Friday, an entire day dedicated to all things sweet. Yum!

In my past life I was a graphic designer, and still dabble in freelance design {need a new blog design, I’m your woman} and I still get the creative itch every once and again (no, there isn’t a cream for that, I checked). So if you see my blog change styles often, you know why.

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