Sweet Tooth Friday

It’s no big secret that I like chocolate. And I like to bake. And I love all things sweet. Cheesecake. Brownies. Cookies. Muffins. Candy. Mmmmmm, now I’m drooling. But what good is making all of these sweet things if I have no one to share them with?

That’s where Sweet Tooth Friday comes into play. I like to make these yummy things, but even more than that I like to share them. Now, if I could I would send each and every reader a sample. But, that’s not a realistic option. So unless you are the lucky few who live near me, you’ll just have to settle for the recipes of my favorite goodies.

Each week I’m posting a new or old favorite. New recipes that I found scouring the interwebs and magazines or old family favorites. But one thing for sure is that they will be sweet. And with each recipe I’m including a linky for you to share your favorite sweet-inspired recipes.

Ready to link up with Sweet Tooth Friday? I only have a few rules:

  1. Link directly to your post, not to the main page of your blog.
  2. Link back to my blog and/or include the Sweet Tooth Friday button.
  3. Visit a few of the other blogs. Spread the sweet-love!

Sweet Tooth Friday